Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Springing out of winter

Welcome to spring, Northern Hemisphere style!

We've had some rather rough winter in Winnipeg this past winter, and in My role as Goddess of Random Equipment Malfunctions I also had a few chilly days dealing with a furnace that was sort-of-kind-of-but-not-quite working.  After having the furnace guy put it to rights, I appreciate that hard-working machinery all the more.

As the tall snowbanks finally begin to dissolve into mass quantities of dirty puddles, I'm breathing a sigh of relief and getting ready for a season of Xtreme Gardening.  I didn't make the mistake of starting my seedlings too early, though, as the Victoria Day weekend in mid-May is traditionally the first safe time to actually start gardening outdoors.  (I am, however, eagerly awaiting the emergence of the 100 or so flower bulbs that I planted in the fall -- assuming, of course, that the neighbourhood squirrels haven't eaten them already.)

Happy Spring to all!