Friday, February 15, 2019

Shopping with Springy G

It's a February Friday night in Winnipeg, and I'm mildly proud of myself -- I went out to pick up a few things, and pretty much stuck to the list.

But what a list!

Let's face it:  It isn't often that one has to pick up a knife sharpener for the kitchen, or a can of fibreglass resin.

Or the pièce de resistance, a cordless 18-gauge brad nailer.  Really, I can explain everything.

This all started a few months ago when I was sitting in a coffee shop in the south end of the city, meditating on Life, the Universe and Everything.  I chanced to glance up and saw The Ceiling of My Dreams, nice white parallel slats with recessed pot lights.  It was love at first sight, exactly what I was looking for to finish the ceiling in my study.

But what you have to ask yourself is this:  Do you really want to balance on top of a stepladder, trying to nail up several dozen very long boards with a hammer and a countersink punch?

It wouldn't be half bad if the boards had the good manners to, you know, stay up there long enough for me to nail them in.  Pesky little thing called 'gravity' has other plans.  And bending backwards at the top of a ladder, trying to keep my eye on the nail long enough to drive it in?  Not a fan.  Been there, done that, lay down on the couch till the nausea and vertigo went away.

So now I have a portable high-tech device that will make my ceiling look awesome, and make my life a little bit safer --

-- Unless, of course, I disregard the "Do not chase your co-workers around the work site with this tool" red-circle-and-slash warning icon.  RTFM is serious business.