Saturday, January 13, 2018

How not to store things

I just figured out why I keep running short of grocery bags:  They're full of stuff.

If you ever decide to explore the eldritch territory known as Astreja's House, please watch your step.  Chances are that there are 1d12 carrying bags or similar containers somewhere along your path, and you'll have to roll a saving throw versus dexterity to avoid tripping and impaling yourself on the corner of a coffee table.  If you were to do that exploration today, for instance, this is what you might find:

  • Saxophone case, tucked in between a bookshelf and the fireplace.
  • 2 clarinet cases, right next to the aforementioned coffee table.
  • The knapsack that I use to transport smaller clarinets, occupying one whole spot on the couch.
  • The shopping bag that has my flute, jazz band music, and alto sax stand, occupying the other spot on the couch.
  • Pair of snowshoes in a bag hanging on a hook by the back door.
  • Large cloth  bag with shoulder strap, occasionally used for transporting my alto clarinet, and known for migrating to random places on the first floor of the house.
  • Laptop case, purse, and gym bag, on hooks by the front door.
  • Shopping bag with 50' extension cord, right in the middle of the study floor.
  • 2 buckets full of painting and plastering materials under a shelf in the kitchen (formerly 2 buckets and a shopping bag full, until I reorganized and confiscated the shopping bag).
I'm not going to get into other feet-unfriendly objects, like the multiplicity of toolboxes, or file boxes, or various plastic storage bins, or the space heater in my office.  And please don't go wandering into the spare bedroom -- even I'm not sure what's in there right now.  The gist of the matter is that my organizing and decluttering skills still need a bit of work.  In the meantime, it's just so convenient to drop a bunch of project materials into a shopping bag and park that bag somewhere close to where the project will be happening.  (That explains the extension cord in the study, and the bag previously full of drywall tools and boxes of plaster in the kitchen.)

But no, I am not going to the store to buy big plastic bins.  I know that's a January tradition, rushing out to the store to buy plastic bins as part of some demented New Year's resolution to tidy up the house.  Maybe I'll buck the trend by giving a few of my bins away.

Once I figure out what the heck I stored in them, that is.