Friday, December 29, 2017

Dragon repair kit

According to the readout on my car dashboard, it was -27°C outside when I got home from the store.

According to CBC Manitoba at 9:24 p.m. on this particular Friday night, it's now -29°C -- and feels like -42.

Why, you may ask, would anyone go outside on a night like this?

Well, among other things (including going to the gym and picking up some groceries), I had a favour to do for an old friend.

In my kitchen there's a carved wooden dragon that I've had for almost 19 years.  I bought it because it looked so much like my pal (and self-appointed bodyguard) Glori.  Unfortunately, wood being wood and years being years, the years have not been kind to the wood.  A couple of teeth have chipped, part of Glori's moustache is missing, and a huge crack has been threatening to separate the upper jaw from the rest of the dragon.

It's also not the right colour.  The sculpture is reddish-brown, whereas Glori is more of a teal green.  A minor concern, though, when doing dragon triage.

While I was out in that mind- and body-numbing cold, I stopped off at a craft store and bought a bottle of gesso, some oven-bakeable clay, and a bottle of metallic teal paint.

When I got home, I rounded up a few more things:  One of my power drills, some small drill bits, a container of toothpicks, a jug of white glue, a table knife, a drill bit gauge, an extension cord, a ball of twine and a cable tie.  I used the drill to drill pilot holes through the nostrils, the table knife to sneak a bunch of glue into the jaw crack, the toothpicks and some glue to hold it all together, and the twine to make sure it stayed together while the glue dried.  (I used the cable tie to gently scrape excess glue off the wood.)

(checks weather forecast and shivers)  Looks like Saturday will be a good day for dragon dental work.  And hot chocolate.  (clinks mug with Glori)  Cheers!