Thursday, July 13, 2017

Think Like a God Day 2017: The Laissez-Faire Deity

Welcome to the 2017 edition of Think Like a God Day, celebrated annually on July 13!  As in past years, this is when I present a problem and ask You how to solve it from the perspective of Deity-for-a-Day.

This year's question is a theological classic intertwined with a philosophical classic; in other words, as long as there is sentient life in the universe, someone will be arguing about it.
Assuming for a moment that free will actually exists, should mortals be permitted to have it or should they be forced to conform with My inscrutable Divine Plan™?
 Arguing in favour of letting those pesky mortals do whatever they want:
  • They're mortals.  Any plan they could mess up needs to go back to the drawing board.
  • Surprises.  I like surprises.  Cuts down on the monotony of living forever.
  • Never fancied Myself as a puppet-master.  I don't even like puppets.  Or clowns.  Next time I create a universe I'm going to make one without clowns.  Or paparazzi.  Or -- Squirrel!
Arguing in favour of keeping reality (and mortals) on a short leash:
  • The lot of us are locked into a predetermined course.  They can't help but do what I in My divine omniscience have foreseen.
  • Even a tiny deviation from the Plan could translate into massive problems later.  Can't have that.  I've got enough on My plate dealing with that damn Chaos Butterfly.
  • I like it when they do what I want.  That's a good enough reason for Me.
Which version of divine reality would You prefer, and why?


Godless Vagabond said...

As a Goddess, I think I would make my Chosen People ( all of them ) empaths so they would know how they are making others feel. I would also give any offender a touch of my Divine punishment, EPIC BRAIN FREEZE.

And on a completely unrelated note (other than talking about deities) are there any symbols associated with Uncle Loki? Am wanting something for a tattoo and, thus far, have been unsuccessful in my searching.

Astreja said...

First two images that came to mind were a fox and fire. (No, not the browser!) You could probably also put a wolf and a snake in there, as Loki is the father of the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Serpent.

I also found this image of the bound Loki (his punishment after the death of Balder by mistletoe misadventure).