Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day! Step away from the dumpster and keep Your hands in the air.

Long weekends always see Me coming.  Those extra days rarely get used for relaxing; more often I see them as a challenge and use them to make headway on some project around the house.

Today, the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding, is no exception.  Instead of driving to the beach, or attending one of the many parties around town (and maybe getting a maple leaf painted on My cheek), or standing around at Portage and Main in a red shirt and pretending to be a flag, I decided to make this weekend really memorable.

 I rented a dumpster.

 It’s a rather good-sized bin, too, with a 9-yard capacity and almost as tall as I am.

 And after a Thursday evening (from right after work until too-dark-to-see-dumpster-o’clock), at least 7 hours of a vacation Friday, and 7 more hours today, the bin is half-full.  I’ve been systematically dismantling the old plaster walls on the perimeter of My study, and as of 7:30 this evening all the heavy stuff is done.

 I have one more demolition session slated for Sunday afternoon, wherein I strip off the last layer of wood cladding and remove the old wood chip insulation, stuff it into bags, and toss it into the bin -- and then I can take it easy.

At least till it’s time to put in the new insulation, which definitely has to be done by --

 -- oh, the Thanksgiving long weekend in October or so.

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