Saturday, September 5, 2015

One bag of cat litter to go --

-- No, this is not some kind of weird take-out order.  What I'm saying is that in My quest for a leaner, healthier Springy G, I now only have to lose the equivalent of one more bag of cat litter in order to attain My target weight.

Thanks in no small part to the supportive crowd at the Nerd Fitness Rebellion, over the past year I've managed to drop approximately 40 pounds, or the weight of an 18-kilogram bag of cat litter.

How?  By confusing the living Niflheim out of My body, that's how.  Just when it got used to the walking and the stationary bike and the swimming and the roller rink, I dragged it into the gym for six weeks of bench press and squats and deadlifts.

Then I went tap-dancing, and then I went to a Pilates class for a while.  I did bodyweight squats and machine-assisted chin-ups.  I tried to figure out how juggling worked.  I did demolition and construction and carried bags of limestone gravel around in the garden.  I lifted, stretched, cycled, swam, balanced (and unbalanced, often with a curse and a thud), and generally caused total mayhem from head to toe.

Oh, and I also cut virtually all the flour and sugar out of My diet.

It's actually alarming to think that only a year ago I was carrying a proverbial 40-pound bag of cat litter around with Me 24/7.

It's even more alarming to consider that 12 years ago I was carrying nearly two bags of the stuff.

And one day in the not-too-distant future, I intend to have one less bag of cat litter on My body, and the Gams of My Dreams.

(Springy G wanders off in search of boxing lessons and other things She hasn't tried yet)