Friday, May 16, 2014

How to sneak up on vegetables

*skulk* *skulk* *skulk* *skulk*



*devour devour devour*

Well, that's how it's supposed to work, anyway.  I had a look at My 2014 seedlings this afternoon, and in the mayhem of May I seem to have forgotten to water them for nearly a week.    The snap peas may stage a comeback (and if not, I can plant some right into the garden), but the grape tomatoes look rather like a Grade 4 science experiment that went off the rails during Spring Break.  Traditionally one of the kids will foster the class hamster or budgie while the school's shut down, but who thinks to take home the little green things in the tray by the window?

The May Long Weekend, a.k.a. Victoria Day, is upon us and it's time for all green-thumbed citizens of Manitoba to race down to the local Garden Centre and (in between opening up the cottage for the summer and dusting the cobwebs off the barbecue) Plant Something.  I still have hopes for growing mixed greens, wax beans and Snap Peas v. 2.0 from seed, but if I want tomatoes I'm going to have to join the hordes at the store and pick up some more mature, less-withered seedlings.

 ... On the other hand ...

(Springy G thumbs through an ancient tome, upon which the words "Player's Handbook" are inscribed.)  Mm.  Does the "Raise Dead" spell work on plants?