Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Satisfaction guaranteed or double your winter back!

A slightly late "Hæ!" to everyone south of the Equator, who greeted the Springy Season at 20:44 UTC this past Sunday.

Meanwhile, up here in Winnipeg, we're now two days into autumn and I'm keeping busy by celebrating National Punctuation Day.

Or at least as busy as one can keep while winding down for the evening.

I'm relaxing when I can, because this is the lull before the storm -- Literally.  For Me, the coming of autumn means that it's time to get the house ready for winter.  I don't have a full season of 90+ days to do it, either -- 45 if I'm lucky, usually less.  I consider it an Epic Win if we make it to Halloween before the first snowfall.

And then there's that wee problem with the days getting shorter (and the evenings getting darker, necessitating the use of mass quantities of floodlights in order to not hit My thumb with the business end of a hammer).

I'm somewhat conflicted about this Daylight Saving Time business, too.  I enjoy having extra light at the end of the day, when I can actually use it.  Not too crazy about losing it again (although I do enjoy the extra sleep on the Sunday morning after the fall-back).  So while we're still on DST, I guess I'd better spring to it and...

*yawn* ...go to bed.  Good night, and happy holidays!