Saturday, July 13, 2013

Think Like a God Day 2013: Hiding in Plain Sight

Welcome to the 2013 edition of Think Like a God Day!  Every July 13, I toss out a question for your consideration.  Your task:  Armed only with a vivid imagination, assume the persona of a god and come up with one or more god-like responses.  There are no wrong answers, although Your followers may look at you funny if that answer involves, say, a robotic llama and a vat of guacamole.

So here's the 2013 question:  We hear about gods who hear the *thud* of the sparrow when it hits the living room window, chirps feebly and staggers off muttering rude things about the idiot who left the drapes open.  Then there are the gods lurking "outside time and space," wherever the Sam Hill that's supposed to be, supposedly controlling reality without actually touching it.  Finally, there are the gods who do things like wandering into the Inn and starting a riot, or arguing with a tree.  (Fizban, I'm looking at *You*!)

Where do you fit on this continuum?  Are you an invisible picker-upper of stunned small chirpy birds, are you lurking a safe distance away with a cosmic joystick, or are you right in the thick of things testing Your mettle against the mortals?

And if You do get up close and personal with those pesky humans, how do You present Yourself -- Stealth mode with a floppy hat two sizes too big, or does the aura of flaming rainbows always give You away?