Sunday, April 21, 2013

All right, let's try this again.

(At an intersection just north of Beausejour, Manitoba, Springy G looks out the window of a westbound bus and sees a flock of confused and disgruntled geese standing around in a cold, swampy, unseasonably snowy field)

"Um... Do you suppose it would help if I declared it to be spring?"

"Wouldn't hurt.  Here; use the microphone."

Wait, what?  Oh, what the heck...

*click* *tap tap tap* "Can you hear Me?  I hereby declare it to be spring."

(Cheering from the back of the bus)

As the Æsir and Vanir are My witnesses, the above incident happened at about 6:00 this evening as the Northwinds and Westwood concert bands were returning from the biannual Community Band Festival in Pinawa, Manitoba.  I first attended this event in 2011, and there were some uncanny parallels.  In both cases, the bus left Winnipeg during a storm and returned just as the sky began to clear and a pale yellow disc of sun could be seen behind the clouds.

In fact, the sun looked identical to the way I remembered it from 2011.  Spooky...

In other news, George the Dragon is still under a snowbank but expects to work his way out by next weekend.  Stay tuned, and don't put away those snow shovels just yet.