Saturday, November 17, 2012

Negotiating with My Inner Lizard

This has been a Lizard kind of week.

While mindfully eating a peanut butter sandwich the other day, trying to actually taste the bread and peanut butter rather than just scarfing it down and running back to My desk, it occurred to Me that there's a simple reason that so many humans struggle with their weight.

It's the lizard brain -- Or more specifically, the Amygdala.  That's the snap-judgment, one-punch-away-from-a-riot, emo part of the brain that seems to be hungry a lot of the time.  Last night, for instance, it decided that it desperately needed cream cheese and crackers at 1:30 a.m.  (Earlier in the evening I'd made it sit through Mahler's 7th Symphony, so turnabout is fair play.)

It did get Me thinking, though:  Until we get this Lizard Brain thing under control, we're at a distinct disadvantage.  Seriously, how does one reason with a functional, evolved part of one's own brain that only seems to speak Chocolate?

Don't worry, though; I'm on it.  I speak Chocolate very well.

In other news, I have a fresh tube of 5-minute epoxy (O nectar of the Construction Gods!)  and have successfully re-glued 2 plastic lizards to My office wall.  That makes 13 of the little dudes, plus 2 metal ones.

I also have some mini-lights on a lizard theme, but I haven't strung them up yet.  If you happen to know of a holiday that celebrates lizards, please let Me know; otherwise, I fear I'm about to craft a new Yule tradition.

No matter what My amygdala has to say about it.

1 comment:

Elke said...

The end of the world as the Mayans know it... that sounds like a good lizard holiday...

or as you threatened start a new Yule tradition... you deserve it...

I call my lizard brain Amy...