Friday, July 13, 2012

Think Like a God Day 2012: The hands-on deity

Happy Think Like a God Day!  This year's question is a simple one, but perhaps not so simple to answer. How involved do you want to get with the physical world, and with your followers?

In My case, I'm definitely not averse to getting down there in the trenches with mortals. As I'm not the omnimax type of deity, I see no harm in a bit of tinkering now and then -- I see it as the divine equivalent of holding the door open for someone who's struggling with an armload of groceries.

You may see it differently: Perhaps you see your role as akin to the Marvel Comics character The Watcher, and want to observe, record but not intervene directly.

Underlying this is a deeper question: What is your personal motivation for wanting to be a god? Do you crave power for the sake of having it, or do you get more of a kick out of applying that power in creative ways, or do you enjoy it when someone says "Thank you, {insert divine name here}"? (Recommended reading: Human Motivation by David C. McClelland. I don't think he's got a version for gods, unfortunately, but give it a try.)

While you ponder that question, I'm going to see if I can chat up the local weather deities and order a few centimetres of rain for My garden... Either that, or fill up a watering can and do it Myself. Ta!