Sunday, February 12, 2012

She who laths last laths best.

Note to Big Box stores everywhere:  We don't need you.  Especially when you can't supply Us with what We want in quantities less than Ludicrous Size.

Earlier this week I attempted to purchase several pieces of plastering lath in order to close off the large gap in My kitchen wall... The one I had created when I removed some old iron pipes.

I needed three pieces.  The store had a lovely bundle of 24, which would be just the ticket if I were, say, constructing a brand new old-fashioned wall.  I certainly wasn't in the mood to buy eight times as much as I actually needed.

So today I made My own.  I started by cutting up a piece of ¾" plywood I had in the basement.  Then I used a chisel to split and plane the strips down to the right thickness:

Plywood is good that way:  All I have to do is take out the layers I don't want. 

And then, rather than run out to buy suitable short nails, I just cut down some longer galvanized nails I already had:

By cutting on an angle, I also gave the nails a nice point that made them easier to drive.  Dare to compare:

This is what the wall looked like after I nailed up the homemade lath:

And this is what it looks like currently, with the base coat of  plaster well underway:

Looks like I do need that store, after all:  I've run out of plaster.  Hopefully they sell it in something smaller than a 50-pound bag.

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patti flynn said...

astreja, you make it look so simple!

cheers, bandicoot.