Friday, February 24, 2012

Do not want.

As I was walking home from the bus this afternoon, I came to an odd conclusion: I don't really want a Chinese straight sword.

And I don't particularly want a Stratocaster XII electric 12-string, either.

Not all that long ago, I thought I did. One of the reasons I wanted the above-mentioned things is that I used to possess them and lost them.

I don't need them any more. I no longer practice Chinese martial arts and in fact have not done so for at least 14 years, so what would I do with that jian?  I've already got a perfectly good short sword, made of much better materials, in a homemade scabbard with Futhark runes that clearly identify the sword as Astrejureldingblót.  And a dagger called Thorn.  (And the Staff of Magius -- Long story.)

As for the electric 12-string, I'm barely playing My guitar Dr. Venkman and My bass Spiny Norman... And, right now, there are a lot of instruments I'd rather have:  A French horn; an alto sax (wouldn't mind a tenor sax, too); and All the Clarinets There Are (a professional-grade B♭; an A clarinet; an E♭; a bass; and perhaps even the wily alto clarinet).

Y'know, decluttering is a lot easier when you get rid of stuff before it arrives.

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