Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reciprocating saws are full of win.

Today I tackled a problem that stood between Me and Nice New Kitchen Cupboards.

Behold the Wall of Doom!

This was lurking under the old cupboards, which were removed last fall.  Bad enough someone painted the wall such a ghastly shade of dark salmon -- The thing that stood between Me and new cabinetry was this:

Mysterious iron pipes, jutting out of the wall.  This will never do.

So I took the liberty of attacking the plaster and lath with extreme prejudice (plus a claw hammer).

To My relief, one of the two pipes had already been disconnected.  That meant that the pipe on the right was the one connected to this thing:

Já, that's yet more Mysterious Iron Pipe jutting out of the basement ceiling... Through a cold air return duct, no less.  It, too, had apparently been out of service for untold aeons but no one could be bothered to finish removing it.

Of course, it didn't help that both the upper sections of pipe continued above the kitchen ceiling.

So, this is what I did Sunday afternoon:

  • Pulled down the 2 remaining ceiling panels in the kitchen, which I had to do eventually anyway.
  • Got My trusty reciprocating saw out of the basement tool storage and installed a 14 TPI metal-cutting blade.
  • Started cutting.
There were a few interesting moments, such as when I opened the cold air return duct to cut a lower section of pipe:

Wait, what?  A cold air return grate is not supposed to lead to a solid wall.  No wonder there's so much cold air lurking around the kitchen floor; it has to queue up to go down that itty bitty slot right at the bottom of the wall.

*reaches for claw hammer again*

Well, I had to open that wall anyway.  *reaches for reciprocating saw and resumes cutting and removing pipes*

And this is the last bit of the pipe on the right, duly plummet-proofed so that I could safely cut it free from above.

 Total elapsed time:  3 hours, 40 minutes... Including cleanup!  Mission accomplished, and I still had some Sunday left at the end of it all.