Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have clarinet, will travel

Today I went on a little jaunt to Pinawa, Manitoba. The occasion was the biannual Manitoba Community Band Festival, sponsored by the Manitoba Band Association.

I didn't get any good action shots of the participating bands (Eastman, Assiniboia, Westwood, Royal Winnipeg Rifles or Northwinds, the band I play with) as My hands were, um, kind of full. We collectively tootled melodiously and had a wonderful time.

I did get some lovely shots from the bus from Winnipeg to Pinawa and back again, though. This is the Winnipeg River, which is actually not all that close to Winnipeg:

As you can see, it's also rather full at the moment.

And I got this snapshot of a cute little Class G star when it peeked out through the clouds on our way home:

Ooh, shiny.


boomSLANG said...

Haha. In concert band I played the ol' "licorice stick", myself. I noticed the jazz bass player was gettin' all the, uh, attention, so I switched to electric bass in high school = )

Astreja said...

Ah, bass guitar! I've dabbled a bit, Boom; never really sat down and learned it properly. Someday...

I've been playing clarinet and taking lessons since the summer of 2004, and am currently in 3 concert bands (2 during the school year and 1 in the summertime). Didn't get a chance to learn a band instrument in high school because I didn't get the urge till My senior year.

Music teacher was all too happy to have Me in the choir, though, as we needed all the altos we could get. 4 of us versus 15 sopranos -- Hardly what you'd call a fair fight.