Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mystery Mead

Tonight I brewed the mead for next spring's Equinox celebrations.

I have no idea how much honey I actually put in, but I suspect it was well in excess of 4 kilograms for a 12-litre batch. I used up the remainder of a 7-kilogram pail of white clover honey, plus a few squirts from a bottle of kitchen honey.

I also have no flippin' idea as to the specific gravity of the mixture, as I had already poured it all into the carboy and put on the S-trap before I noticed the hydrometer sitting on the kitchen counter.

Translation: When this batch eventually stops blorping and there's no more sugar to turn into alcohol, I will have absolutely no idea as to its alcohol content. My standard batch (3 kilograms of liquid clover honey to 10 litres of spring water) comes out fairly consistently at 7% C2H5OH, so with nearly 50% more honey in the mix I'm expecting something at least as potent as My favourite beer. La Fin du Monde.

Either that, or I'll have the first carboy in space.

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