Monday, April 12, 2010

I can see My dragon from here!

I did a little gardening yesterday.

And the only reason I say 'a little' gardening is that I did not use power tools or high explosives to do it.

Armed only with a shovel, a dandelion puller, a pair of anvil cutters, a stack of kitchen garbage bags and an old bucket, I successfully removed approximately forty raspberry canes from the front of My yard.

About a dozen of the most viable canes immediately went back into the ground in a patch of soil beside the house. Another ten got tossed into bags and thence into My Cavalier (along with eight bags of topsoil), and were transported in due course over to the Parental Units' home and then put back into the ground. (Mind you, My Dad and I had to shovel away about 50 square feet of limestone gravel in order to find the ground... Fortunately, the earth under the rocks had been covered with polyurethane sheeting so the pH of the soil probably isn't too alkaline.)

The remaining bits and pieces of raspberry plant, most of them dried out and without buds, are heaped up in the back yard and will probably go on to new careers as compost.

And I've already started to confiscate the gravel from My parents' back yard, because I do need a better path through the back yard at Astrejurhof.

Best of all... The sight lines at the front of My house are now clear, and My friend George the Dragon can once more be seen.

I'd say it was worth it.

Photos by Red.

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