Friday, February 19, 2010

No, Mr. Langenus, I expect you to die.

Phhtphht. And all that.

My lower lip is completely numb, and slightly shredded, but I'm getting it, dammit!

"It" is the famous, nay, infamous staccato exercise from Page 22 of Book 3 of Gustave Langenus's clarinet method book. I've been staging hit-and-run attacks on this particular study for a couple of years now (I hit a high note, cats all run for it), but over the last month I've been making gradual progress.

For one thing, My tongue is no longer smacking the reed around quite so forcefully. (Insert reference to opening credits of The Tick here)

For another thing, I'm cutting the air off in a more graceful and timely fashion, rather than warbling tremulously like the third runner-up at an Acker Bilk soundalike contest.

Practice makes... Well, better. Perfect can wait for another night.

Instant goddess, just add water

In a classic "D'oh!" moment, I made a startling discovery this morning at work.

I'm dehydrated. Severely so, as in "those little MSG-laden packages of flavouring that come with pot noodles."

I discovered this when I sat down at My desk early this morning and realized very quickly that I had a frightful headache. It's even more frightful when one considers that I generally do not get headaches unless I smack My head on a hard object.

Like the palm of My hand. I reiterate: "D'oh!"

So I went and got a beverage. 20 minutes later, the headache was gone and I had a bloggable epiphany.