Friday, January 29, 2010

Springy G's Beer 'n' Blog

*achoo* Uh, hi. Welcome to the *sniffle* Friday Night edition of The Springy Goddess. (seizes handkerchief and makes prolonged, mournful noise reminiscent of a goose with sinusitis)

No, this isn't Part II of the Mesopotamian Death Flu, that flu+pneumonia+bronchitis combo that knocked Me on My goddessly posterior for nearly three months, late last winter and well into the spring. It's something downright, uh, avoidable. Permit Me to explain:

A couple of nights ago I went to My new dentist and had some X-rays done. As it turns out, for the past few months I've been semi-peacefully coexisting with an unusually polite abscess -- One that didn't actually hurt like the dickens.

Bottom line: I'm getting a tooth extracted next week. In the meantime, I have a whole bottle of Penicillin V to finish up, "q. 6 hours" as they say in the medical lingo.

I also have a case of La Fin du Monde beer which I acquired this evening... And that's when the trouble started. For some reason, possibly attributable to My love of this particular beer, I completely forgot about the Penicillin until midway through supper.

It was the sneezing fit that tipped Me off.

Technically, it could have been the smoked turkey and Edam melt on a homemade bun; or it could have been the potato chips and homemade sour cream dip; but the smart money is on the beer fighting it out with the Penicillin. It was somewhat entertaining when that vicious little *BLEEP* Raistlin went sailing off the table in a scene reminiscent of The Stone Diaries*, but by the time I finished the mug of beer I was somewhat concerned.

I've been sitting here writing for about half an hour now, and My sinuses are just now releasing the death-grip they had on My nose. So I guess I'm not having any beer till next weekend. Or any allergy meds, single malt Scotch, or brandy beans, either.

(starts to write on blackboard: "I will not mix Penicillin, Diphenhydramine hydrochloride, and 9% Québecois beer.")

* A fine book by the late Carol Shields.

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