Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My kingdom for a pony wall!

(finishes essay titled "Similarities Between Shakespeare's Richard III and Basement Construction" and sends it to printer) Well, I'm glad *that's* done.

As described here and here, in December of 2008 and 2009 respectively, I thought it would be a Darned Good Idea to block off the crawlspace from the main part of the basement. You see, I have this thing about ice-cold drafts* infiltrating My house and making it unbearably cold in the basement workshop.

And the main floor.

And, by extension, the upper floors as well. Better to have the furnace reheat already-warm air instead of -40°C cold air from outside.

Not that it's been -40°C this winter. In fact, it's downright balmy right now. Warm enough to -- Dare I say? -- work on that razzafracking crawlspace.

So, for two out of the last three days, I have been constructing a very small three-sided compartment (48" x 18" by about 36" tall**), complete with outer sheathing; insulation batts; vapour barrier; and inner paneling to keep the cats from tearing it all apart again.

And it works.

The evidence: Eight somewhat annoyed felines who can no longer get into their Secret Place...

...But who now have a cozy little basement alcove warmed by nearby hot air ducts. All in all, a good use of thirteen hours of hard labour in very close quarters.

Pass the NSAIDs, muscle rub and chocolate, please.

* Not the beer variety of cold draft, alas.

** Large enough for a marginally plus-sized Goddess with flexibility in the top 1% for Her age group, with a little bit of wiggle room for power tools, itinerant cats, and a few oxygen molecules.

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