Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning Curve

Today, Red and I went down to the Forks, a local tourist attraction and market full of interesting Stuff. Red took her Minolta, loaded with B&W film; and I got to play with Ollie, her Olympus digital SLR.

After the initial fumbling-around and getting comfortable with the buttons, I learned a lot about photography. Somewhere in My closet are a couple of cameras that really need to come out for a romp more often. I have a Minolta very similar to the one that Red has, plus a Canon digital mini-DV video camera. Both are in dire need of use, as they aren't doing anyone a whole lot of good just sitting in their cases. I regularly carry a point-and-click digital still camera; but it was really nice to handle a camera with a good lens and the ability to accurately frame and capture what I was seeing.

So nice, in fact, that I decided to post a new picture on My little-used deviantART page. My short stint with Ollie (about two hours or so) produced several dozen interesting shots that reinforced My appreciation of a good piece of equipment, and rekindled My interest in photography.

I even did My first editing of a RAW image file, by adding a neat little program called UFRaw -- It operates as a standalone program, and also functions as a RAW plug-in for the GIMP.

/Me loves modern technology, and open-source software even more.

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