Thursday, December 3, 2009

Whadya mean, there's only 18 days to Jól?

*eep* Just when I thought I couldn't possibly get any busier... The reality of December has finally hit Me.

This is what I hope to do between now and the onset of the holiday season:
  • Build a weatherproof add-on for the passageway between the house and the Cat Gazebo.

  • Patch, texture and paint the main hallway wall.

  • Tile the hallway floor.

  • Finish putting up the ceiling tiles in the hallway, too.

  • Bake brownies for the local NaNoWriMo wrapup party on Saturday night. (Okay, that should be done before midnight Friday or so.)

  • Put some insulation and concrete board on the south wall of the crawlspace.

  • Cook a spinach and feta quiche for the potluck at work.

  • Shop.

  • Stop for coffee.
    Every chance I get.

  • Shop some more.

  • While I'm in that razzafracking crawlspace, I might as well also add a pony wall to block most of it off from the basement. Oh yes, and put a new, higher, and substantially wider trap door on the outside -- One that I can climb through without resorting to limbo dancing or obscure yoga asanas.

  • Finalize the menu for the Jól party on the 19th of December. Shop. Cook. Bake. Clean.

  • Brew up those two batches of mead that I've been intending to make for about two months now.

  • Somehow find time in the midst of all of this to write, play clarinet, eat, sleep, go to work, and generally do all the things I do when I'm *not* busy.
O Epinephrinia, goddess of the adrenaline rush, I beseech...

...Oh, 'eck; I got Her voicemail. She's out of the office till January.

Smart lady.

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