Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Slogging through the wilds of October...

There is something about chilly weather that brings out My grumbly side. Specifically, I don't do "windy and damp" very well.

It's been a bit too cold for My tastes lately, and also too dark. The sun is currently setting around 7:30, which means less time to finish outdoor projects like the new crawlspace skirting and the roof of the Cat Gazebo. I suppose I *could* go into the garage and rig up a trouble light to illuminate the side of the house; but there's no way in Niflheim that I'm going up on a razzafracking roof in the dark.

Unless I absolutely have to, of course. I've done stranger things: Painted the fascia trim on a friend's house while holding a flashlight in My teeth; climbed the northwest face of Mont Saint-Hilaire without proper safety gear, and made the mistake of looking back over My shoulder at the highway 1300 feet below; dressed up like a five-headed dragon...

...Mm. I think I will wait till the weekend to finish that roof. Can't be too careful, y'know.

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