Friday, October 23, 2009

All your garlic are belong to Us.

Or, "Is this an allium sativum I see before Me?"

I seem to have acquired a new, and hopefully short-lived, hobby: Since I got home this evening, I have masticated and consumed several cloves of raw garlic.

On purpose.

You see, about an hour before I left work this afternoon, I developed an acute case of the sneezles. It was all I could do not to bowl over various co-workers as I rushed to wash My hands.

Things got even wilder as I waited for the bus home. I sneezed so hard and so often that I started wondering if the bus driver would actually let Me on board. Things calmed down for a while, only to start up again just after Red and I got to the grocery store.

About that time, Red reminded Me of a piece of sage advice we had obtained from My brother on his most recent visit: When you start to feel a cold coming on, chew and swallow a few cloves of garlic.

So here I am with My mouth and stomach sizzling away, and it almost certainly wasn't the lone jalapeño pepper that we put in the Friday night nachos. That garlic was a lot hotter.

But it's still better than another case of the Mesopotamian Death Flu.

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