Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still a bit wobbly on that 'neat and tidy' concept.

This weekend marks the inaugural session of Winnipeg's "give away stuff you don't need" event. (Think "garage sale without a cash box" and you'll get the general idea.)

I have a number of projects on the go, but precious little free space in which to do the actual work. For instance, about ten feet away from Me is a long, thin commercial-grade table which at one time served as My computer desk. Currently it's piled high with boxes of old diskettes and sundry tools and materials, and taking up Entirely Too Much Room. In fact, it's standing on a section of floor that I would like to work on; and that only because I moved it off a different section of floor that I recently completed. Just the other night, in fact, I had to nudge the table a couple of inches to the north to make room for a shelf that I was assembling.

And yet, giving away the table is not going to be painless. In a previous version of Astrejurhof, the table held a place of honour as the computer station in My workroom. I fixed computers there, played multi-player StarCraft there, even used it as My base (are belong to Us) when teaching Windows NT and A+ Service Technician over the Internet.

Nonetheless... Out it goes.

Along with anything else I happen to stub My toe upon in the next 36 hours.

(carefully puts away nearly-full bottle of Glenfiddich so that She doesn't accidentally stub Her toe on it)

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