Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh no, not another fad diet!

Yup. But this time, it's My very own fad diet.

At coffee break this afternoon, as I sat drinking a small decaf and nibbling on a piece of cheddar, it occurred to Me that diets would be a whole lot more effective if they tasted better.

So, this is what I'm going to try:
  • Cut back on fat, but not too much.
  • Cut back on sugar, as much as you can stand to cut.
  • Likewise for salt. Ixnay on the odium-say oride-chlay.
  • Ease off on the starch, particularly the heavily processed ones.
  • Lots of whole grains.
  • All The Vegetables There Are.
  • Count calories if it helps.
  • For snacks, go for small amounts of really, really strong-tasting things. Garlic hummus. Five-year-old white cheddar. A square of 99% cocoa dark chocolate. The strongest triple espresso they've got in the coffee bar.
That's it: The Springy G Intense Flavour diet. Low (but not *that* low) carb, fat, and calories. With chocolate as an essential ingredient.

And if it actually works... Bonus.

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