Friday, September 25, 2009

Best of three falls?

*OOF* *THUD* *clatterclatterclatter*

There, I've done it. The two largest unwanted items in Astrejurhof -- The five-foot-long worktable from My study, and the weight bench in the basement -- Have now duly been dragged to the curb in preparation for the grand Give Your Stuff Away weekend.

I still have a handful of smaller items to put out, including an extremely lightweight 6' stepladder. I just didn't feel like rifling through My own garage at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night.

Especially not after dealing with the weight bench.

The table was relatively straightforward. I cleared it off, washed the top, and set it up on one end; then I wiggled it out through the doorway and eased it down the stairs, whereupon Red helped Me carry it the rest of the way.

The bench, on the other hand, was right nasty. All those gazillions of articulating parts and knobs and hooks made it somewhat akin to carrying a garbage bag full of water.

Speaking of water, the leg press attachment somehow managed to pick up an empty 18-litre water jug on the way up the basement stairs. One of the plate-holding rods wedged itself into the handle, and when I arrived at the first floor it was still there.

On the way out the front door, one of the bench's feet hooked under the door jamb for the screen door, and ripped it right off the porch floor. (writes "new sill plate" on Her shopping list for Saturday)

Amidst all the bangs and crashes and swearing, the support bar for the bench pad kept falling off and getting lost. The last time this happened was on the final stretch from the house to the curb. I had to go back into the house, get our emergency lantern, and search the garden. The bar finally surfaced halfway between a bittersweet nightshade bush and the Nanking cherry tree.

So I'm done for tonight. If I haven't gone completely insane by the time morning rolls around, I'll go get that ladder out of the garage and start ridding Myself of the smaller stuff.

And hope that the bench is already gone, so I don't have to look at it again.

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