Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mindful munching

All right, that's it. Really. I am fed up to *here* (raises goddessly hand) with aches and pains and sleepless nights, sneezes and wheezes and coughs and other unpleasant noises.

As much as I revere Raistlin Majere as a friend and role model, I am reasonably certain at this point that the archmage Fistandantilus is not using My body as a vacation timeshare.

So what does that leave?


*waaah* *sob* *sniffle*

In the name of all that is Springy, if it should come to pass that an allergy to chocolate is one of the culprits, I may be forced to auction off the Goddess of Chocolate magisterium on EBay. But in the meantime, I have some serious experimentation to do with My diet.

The Suspects:
  • Gluten. Fairly unlikely, as I went gluten-free for some months and didn't feel a whole lot different.
  • Chocolate. Actually, this is rather unlikely... One would think that I would have long ago keeled over from all those Mini-Eggs I eat in the spring. And then there's time I made a Jól wish for World Peace and Five Pounds of Turtles. Guess which one I got.
  • Sugar. Unlikely that there's an allergy or intolerance, but I could stand to cut back a bit. Okay, a lot.
  • Milk products. Possible, and definitely worth testing.
  • Eggs. Never actually tested for this.
  • Caffeine (Nooo! Not caffeine!)
  • All of the above.
Or, perhaps, just Too Much of All of the Above.

Rather than going all drastic and doing something I'll regret not doing later, I've decided to work closely with the Gods of Small Changes and, in effect, sneak up on Myself. So, this is where I start:
  • Decaf coffee as the default version.
  • No more butter with My muffins, unless the muffin really needs it.
  • No more 16-ounce frosty mugs full of pop.
  • And going to bed at least seven hours before I have to get up again.
That's it. That's all.

Eminently doable.

And re-doable, which is what really counts.

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