Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Weekends are supposed to be relaxing??"

Could've fooled Me...

I am finally sitting down at My desk, after a profoundly exhausting day running around and doing stuff. In fact, today (Sunday) was almost a carbon copy of Saturday.

Both started with the packing of sundry junk into My little compact car: A huge bucket of assorted wood pieces; dozens of bricks; tiles that had been removed from the back wall of the house; several bags of weeds; an old trunk with rusty locks. Once the car was full, Red and I drove down to the Brady Road landfill south of Winnipeg and paid $10 for the privilege of making pickup truck drivers giggle. (To make sure of that, I wore a plaid flannel workshirt with a cap in a completely different plaid.)

Then we stopped for coffee. No dump run is complete without a layover for coffee.

After there, it gets fuzzy.

Near as I can figure, on Saturday I visited My aunt, took My mum shopping (bought a hedge trimmer), bought some completely different bricks, came home, and wreaked three hours of un-havoc in the front garden. Grass was weedwhacked, bricks were installed. Then Red and I went out for burgers. Upon our return home I made Myself a Havana (pineapple, lemon, white rum); staggered upstairs; and wrote till three in the morning.

Imagine My surprise when the rest of the morning showed up.

I did manage to get up before noon, and as mentioned above, we loaded up for a second dump run. Crawled up the dump hill in a convoy of F150s and Silverados and other vehicles much bigger than ours. Flung stuff out of the car, went for coffee. Then we went to the parental units' home to show them how to use their new hedge trimmer. It cut a few strands of hedge, then stopped working. After about ten minutes of fussing, I was convinced by Red to pack it up and take it back to the store.

So off we went again...

About an hour and a half later* we returned with a trimmer from a completely different store, and the fun began. Pieces of shrubbery flew in all directions. We finally got back home just after six o'clock, only to be confronted by a horde of disgruntled housebound cats.

The cats went outside. I went upstairs to have a bit of a lie-down.

An hour later, *I* went outside with a crowbar, a hammer, and a pair of tin snips, and smashed up the concrete parging on the south side of the crawlspace. The removed material got dumped on the freshly-cleared patio, right where the bricks and wall tiles used to be. So it looks like we're heading back to the dump next Saturday morning.

Make it stop!

* Somewhere in the middle of the hedge trimmer exchange, we stopped for ice cream. You know you're tired when you completely forget about the ice cream...

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