Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's La Fin du Monde as I know it...

...and I feel fine.

It's Saturday night -- uh, early Sunday morning -- in Winnipeg. I'm sitting here with a mug of my favourite beer, a little Québecois number called La Fin du Monde. It dwells at the "WTF???" end of the beer strength scale, coming in at a hefty 9% alcohol content. (It also tends to make me sneeze, possibly because my nose has gone completely numb, but that's another story.)

Oh, and I also have a *snif* empty bowl that previously contained some BBQ potato chips by Old Dutch, a legendary local purveyor of crispy snacks. Lest you think that I've gone all commercial on you and am engaging in some bizarre form of divine product placement, kindly allow me to explain further.

I've noticed, over the past couple of years, that I *do* tend to eventually get what I ask for in life. Here is my wish list as of several years ago:
  • A Dragonlance movie.
  • A movie about the Silver Surfer.
  • The Tick, animated version, on DVD.
  • A complete new set of Dragonlance graphic novels, to supplant the old DC graphic novel series that died halfway through the story.
  • Potato chips that taste like Humpty Dumpty barbecue chips.
  • A book about Raistlin Majere that fills in the gaps in Dragons of Spring Dawning.
  • Max Headroom TV series on DVD.
I now have six out of seven. The DL cartoon did leave much to be desired, but I still rather enjoyed watching it. The Silver Surfer showed up in the second Fantastic Four movie, and there was much rejoicing at Astrejurhof. Got the Tick cartoons, and a re-release of DangerMouse as well.

Then Devil's Due Publishing put out a whole new comic series based on Dragonlance Chronicles, and to my delight also issued them as a four volume soft-cover compilation. Even better, they've also done some work on Dragonlance Legends.

As of tonight, I have the potato chips.

I'm also mere weeks away from the release of Dragons of the Hourglass Mage, the third and final book in the Dragonlance Lost Chronicles series, and the de facto third book in the Raistlin Chronicles. I'm already foreseeing an all-nighter when I finally get my hands on the book, as was the case when I picked up The Soulforge in February 1998.

(Now, if someone would kindly drop a complete DVD collection of the Max Headroom TV series in my lap, I will be rather pleased to receive it.)

What I'm trying to figure out right now is how these wishes are converted into tangible form. It does appear that the things I want the most fervently do eventually come to pass; and, as you can see from the list above, I tend to desire some fairly unusual things.

Could it be that pop culture is now actually capable of serving fringe tastes such as mine?

... Or is the Weird Wish Faerie listening to my pleas?

Either way, it's a win-win situation.

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