Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inertia, momentum, power tools, and beer

Contrary to what the title of this episode implies, the above is not a recipe for disaster.

There was a near-disaster at the dinner table when I fumbled My mug of barley soda. That's where the inertia comes in: The mug tipped slowly enough that I was able to catch it despite My fatigue.

The fatigue was caused by momentum that carried Me through a particularly busy day. After work, Red and I went out for coffee. Then we went to a home improvement store. After that, we stopped over at a friend's house, where I acquired a handful of seeds from an interesting clump of blue grass.

And then, upon our return home at about 8 p.m., things really got busy. First, I went outside, unlocked the almost-finished Cat Gazebo 2.0, and planted a Japanese spirea and the handful of grass seeds.

Then I went back in the house and used some 2x6's to make a temporary platform for the freezer at the back of the kitchen. Sliding it out of the way, I opened up a section of the kitchen wall and drilled some pilot holes to the outside of the house.

Then I went outside again, and sawed through the outside wall to create a cat-sized passageway from the kitchen.

Finally, I reattached a staircase left over from Cat Gazebo 1.0, put the freezer back where it belonged, and sat down to have supper.

Which is roughly when the beer tried to escape.

But Cat Gazebo 2.0 is now operational. Even as I type, the Dark Legion are exploring their new 24-hour playhouse. I can now go on to other things for a while, such as planning the demolition of My garage, gutting the old downstairs bathroom, and levelling a floor or two.

Not tonight, though.

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