Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carpentry diem!

Or, "Hand me the crowbar... I've gotta finish this before dark."

Ah, the mad caprices of Winnipeg weather! I have contractors coming by in the morning to install a beam and some teleposts, so tonight was the night I had to open up the side wall of the crawlspace.

It rained, of course.

Rained with extreme prejudice. I'm talking copious amounts of dihydrogen monoxide here, enough to leave four-inch-deep puddles in My back yard.

I managed to get the outer layer of siding off the wall before the rain started in earnest, then stood on the back porch for about five minutes and watched the deluge. Red finally convinced Me to come inside.

Because we had a thunderstorm in progress, I had to do something that didn't involve computers. I spent an hour or so with a box of carving tools, detailing a little clay cat sculpture that I started a couple of months ago.

Around eight p.m., the rain finally abated and I went outside to try again. I wore winter boots this time, which allowed Me to traipse through the mud with wanton abandon. This time I did manage to open up the wall all the way. After removing a layer of tongue-and-groove lumber, a few other pieces of wood, and a bit more concrete parging... And adding a healthy amount of mud to Myself... I staggered back into the house at 9:40 p.m. with today's mission accomplished.

I now have an opening wide enough and long enough to admit a couple of concrete pads, a beam, two teleposts, and one or two labourers.

Also large enough, alas, to permit a midnight mass escape of My Dark Legion of cats. If they're all still in the house when I get up for work tomorrow morning, I'll be... Disappointed, somehow.

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