Sunday, June 14, 2009

My computer has been taken hostage by mimes!

As I sit here, frittering away the wee hours of Saturday night / Sunday morning, I ponder the dire fate that has befallen one of My computers.

For reasons yet unknown to Me, I am bereft of audio output. The trouble started when I upgraded this system to Fedora Core 10, long-jumping all the way from Fedora Core 6. The hardware *was* working just fine before I made the decision to upgrade.

Ironically, it took Me a while to notice that the sound was MIA -- I was too busy editing stories and working with My new graphics tablet and ranting on various Internet fora. And then I continued to be too busy to fix it.

*sigh* But I'm going to make the time to fix it. You never know when you might want to listen to a friend's MP3 composition, or watch a Richard Dawkins lecture, or even just hear something go *Click* or *Bloop* -- Yes, you heard that correctly. I am currently clickless and bloopless.

(grabs valkyrie helmet and battle axe, and sallies forth in search of Linux RPM's and sound configuration HOWTO's)

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