Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Springy Cleaning '09

*koff koff* What... a... night. (drops fifth of five garbage bags at curbside and trundles back into house) Yup, it's spring, all right.

Today I managed to stay off the Internet long enough to get a start on some serious housecleaning. I'm still dealing with the onerous problem of Too Much Stuff, but I think that wave has finally crested. A few items have been duly Disappeared, either to the trash or to the Giveaway Pile, and I can see a few more square inches of My basement workbench.

And the entire topside of the wooden stool that sits next to My desk. It has been liberated from a pile of Stuff, which ended up on the stool when I tried to clear the table in the next room.

Which was holding more Stuff than usual because I'm trying to rearrange the furniture in there. (glances through doorway and sighs heavily) Two diskette boxes... No, make that three of 'em; craft supplies, carving tools, electronics tools... A basin full of nail and screw boxes; a jar of pens; a pile of CD's; the mortal remains of My previous karategi top; and two ceramic mice playing with a gramophone.

Maybe next week I'll deal with the recurve bow, the microphone stand, and that new toilet for the upstairs bathroom.

And no, I do not want to become the Goddess of Misplaced Stuff. I've got enough on My plate as it is.

If I ever find that plate, that is...