Friday, March 6, 2009

Springy Fever

Ah, it's good to be back on the blog.

Today (2009-03-06) marks the first day since February 22 that I've been seriously up and about, doing things, rather than lying in bed for countless hours on end. As of this writing, I've been up for eight hours and actually managed three stores and a coffee shop... No, I didn't drive; Red did the honours. Not quite ready to chance it.

There is something profoundly frustrating about being abed for extended periods of time. A lot of it is simply the wobbly feeling that comes from muscle disuse. Some of it is boredom, the kind of boredom that even a huge stack of books can't remedy. But mainly it's simply a case of "When will this blasted thing end? When will things get back to normal around here?"

Or as normal as things tend to get at Astrejurhof, anyway...

I have learned a few things in the course of this cold/flu/whatever the $%@#! it is:
  • Going to the doctor doesn't help, and the wait in the waiting and examination rooms will probably do more harm than good.
  • Cough suppressants don't suppress coughs all that well.
  • Water is your friend, but uncovered mugs thereof tend to attract thirsty cats to bedside.
  • It's possible to read Terry Pratchett novels while running a fever, but everything in the environment takes on a distinct hue of octarine for several days thereafter.
  • Canned fruit in light syrup is also your friend. Especially early in the morning.
  • Uncooked milk products, however, can be right nasty and set you up for a relapse.
  • Invest in extra pillows, extra sheets, warm socks that aren't too tight, and a large number of long-sleeved shirts that can be worn to bed. Change these frequently.
  • There is something incredibly soothing about a tablespoon of medicine that tastes like mentholated turpentine...
(takes temperature) Já, still running a bit of a fever.

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