Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter tires for the mind!

I'm starting to accumulate a rather useful collection of tools and behaviours, things that are making life more engaging and a lot less cluttered.

Today's experiences take place on the boundary between mind and body, right where awareness touches sensations. (tosses peacock-blue koosh ball from one hand to the other, paying special attention to where the myriad plastic points make contact with the skin) I've already determined that multi-tasking is a self-defeating behaviour, and have started to move away from that kind of thing with alacrity.

But just seconds ago, I just figured out why multi-tasking doesn't work.

(holds koosh ball between palms and rolls it back and forth as She searches for the right words)

You see... In this world, we exist both in ourselves and in relationships to other entities. That's 'relationships', plural.

But we can only truly engage one other entity at a time. When our minds flit instantaneously among 10,000 different ideas and physical objects, it's difficult to consciously engage any of them. They exist as ephemera in our field of vision, and in our unconscious minds. A vast amount of cerebral CPU time gets wasted just on task-switching, and we're aware of just a tiny fraction of the possible sensory input provided by any one of the external objects.

On the other hand, if we get some traction on the road of thought, and slow down enough to gawk at one specific item...

...It's fascinating stuff. We get to see the bright blue of the koosh ball. Or hear the steady ticking of the clock on the wall. Or feel that a piece of clothing is soft; that a metal ornament is hard and cold; that a piece of paper does have thickness and texture.

Have a nice trip, and drive carefully.

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