Monday, January 19, 2009

The third leg on the tripod

Introducing... At least the basic concept of another phase in the Lakshmi Project.

For Phase I, the goal was to tidy up My physical environment. It's taken a while to stick, but new habits are replacing old and My desk is gradually becoming less cluttered and more useful. Further to this post, I've now ripped the CD of opera arias and put the original up on a shelf; gone through that huge stack of bills and receipts, and dealt with all of them; and stapled the SuperGrover patch up on My bulletin board, where it can be a decoration until I actually find something to sew it on.

Phase II is both old and new. I'm starting to get a handle on mindfulness meditation... In practice, rather than in theory. I haven't yet scared up the magazine which I talked about here, but I've found something even more valuable: The book The Mindful Way Through Depression (Williams, Teasdale, Segal and Kabat-Zinn). I'm still in the early chapters, but at this point I can say that this book has immense potential for improving overall quality of life. No, it isn't just about depression; it can be applied to any situation where emotions and old behavioural patterns conspire to make life less than ideal. In My case, it seems to be digging out the roots of My tendency to procrastinate, and connecting Me more intimately with Right Now.

Which is critically important, because Right Now is where I keep all my stuff.

But anyway.

The next phase of this project is both necessary and terrifying. I want to do some serious, focused, mindful, and above all, effective body work. Improve aerobic capacity. Improve quality of sleep. Posture, body weight, speed, kinesthetic awareness, flexibility, stamina, health, the whole nine yards.

But how?

Aah, I'll figure it out. Stay tuned for Lakshmi III. At best, it'll work. At worst...

(has vision of a novice fitness instructor meeting Ginsberg's "Howl" in a dark alley)


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