Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mind that hip!

Good *ouch* evening, all...

(limps up to computer and sits down very, very carefully) Okay, I've figured out the first part of mindfulness vis-à-vis the physical body.

The revelation happened this evening, at karate class, somewhere in the middle of Heian Godan. I went to execute the crescent-kick-to-the-hand that occurs midway through the kata, and realized that I could do a much better kick just by keeping My attention on My outstretched hand.

And it worked rather well.

Until about half an hour later, as Red and I left the changing room and headed out to the car. By paying attention to the minuscule details of a suddenly very sore hip, I was able to mentally retrace My steps back through class and see which technique had affected those particular muscles. That, in itself, is fascinating.

But it gets better, inasomuch as awareness of sore body parts can be considered 'better'. As I made My way upstairs after supper, I realized that I have a remarkable option:

I can feel pain without embellishing it with any particular emotion. In other words, I can feel sad or angry or worried, but I don't have to attach those emotions to the event and I certainly don't have to keep attaching those emotions over and over again.

And just wait till what I tell you what I discovered during the *chomp* Mindful Potato Chip Eating Exercise...

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