Friday, January 16, 2009

I can see My desk from here!

I'm finally starting to warm up to the idea of a clean and orderly environment, and taking appropriate action to make it happen. After procrastinating on sundry projects including manuscript editing, bookkeeping, and a handful of essays, I started attacking...

...The Desk.

Yes, that desk. The one that... After the most recent cleaning... Still has some rather unusual residents.

  • Malfunctioning digital camera (to be repaired or sent for service)
  • Pocket watch
  • CD of opera arias (further to a suggestion from My clarinet teacher)
  • Squishy brown rubber bison
  • SuperGrover embrodered patch (to be sewn on knapsack)
  • Sundry small pieces of paper with handwritten notes (make mental note to transcribe or trash these)
  • Metronome (I actually do use this, so it gets to stay)
  • Remarkably, only one pen and one pencil
  • Anti-static grounding strap, attached to static mat under My monitor and keyboard
  • Lakshmi's shrine, currently consisting of Lakshmi Herself plus a lapis lazuli egg, $6.02 CDN in shiny coins, two elephants, a stone with the Ingwaz rune, and a small brass owl named Zeno (q.v. My 2008 NaNoWriMo project, Ice Cream for Lakshmi)
  • A stack of bills and receipts to be sorted or shredded (all fairly current, thank the Accounting Gods)
  • A large crystal bowl containing about ten pounds of crystal whatnot, plus a staple remover; a USB memory key; a cigarette lighter; a box of matches; a paint swatch, a snake carved out of African bubinga; a bright blue koosh; a job lead scribbled on a Post-It™ Note; a digital voice recorder; and a glow-in-the-dark Happy Face ball.
And, I reiterate, this is after I cleaned the desk.


(rolls up sleeves, puts fresh bag in trashcan, gets back to work)

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