Saturday, December 27, 2008

Once more unto the... crawlspace?

(dusts Self off) Well, that was a fine mess I got Myself into. (brushes wood chips and mineral wool out of hair) But it was for a very, very good cause.


As I type this, the temperature in Winnipeg is -20 Celsius... Approximately -4 Fahrenheit. Not the coldest we've seen this winter, but not exactly swimsuit weather either.

And, lest it get really cold when I'm not looking, I thought today would be an excellent day to add more insulation to the crawlspace under the back end of My kitchen. It's a weird little space under there, sand and rock and bits and pieces of old building materials; ABS drainpipes that freeze solid every winter (rendering the downstairs bathroom unusable); and *shudder* the occasional piece of petrified cat poop.

So, armed with suitably warm clothing, sundry cutting and stapling tools, a six-volt lantern, and a tarp to sit upon... Off I went. Flung slabs of insulation through the trap door at the back of the house, and sliced and diced My way to a much warmer kitchen.

I managed to install most of a bundle of R14 insulation in only two forays under the house, elapsed time somewhat less than two hours. Once I was in there, out of the wind, it actually wasn't all that bad working under there. At one point I did have to evict cats from the construction zone, and I did come in for a tea break at halftime. By the time I called it quits, there was insulation across the east end of the crawlspace wall, and under one section of kitchen floor.

Sometime in the next few days I'll probably go under there again and insulate at least one more section of the floor. When Spring comes (ahh, Spring!) I'll be doing some serious crawlspace reno work... Adding a telepost or two; stripping out those old drainpipes and relocating the bathroom right next to the main part of the house; and building an inner wall to protect the new drainage system from the outside cold.

But, overall... Not bad for two hours' work.

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