Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I seem to have invented a new form of cardiovascular exercise.

(runs out to garage for ladder)
(runs upstairs to remove two dragon pictures from stairwell wall)
(runs to basement for hammer, dust mask and folding dozuki)
(sets up ladder in stairway leading to 2nd floor)
(rushes back to basement for a chisel)
(lets cats in)
(climbs ladder to take measurements)
(gets electronic stud finder from toolbox in study)
(back to basement to get trouble light)
(lets cats out)
(over to storage room to pick up octagon electrical box)
(up to 3rd floor to get Red's opinion on placement of light fixture)
(down to kitchen for pencil and measuring tape)
(lets cats in)
(moves purses, coats and shoe racks from hallway to dining room)
(up the ladder again, measure and mark)
(down ladder to get hammer and chisel)
(whacks at plaster wall for 60 seconds)
(runs to study for wastebasket)
(up and down ladder, removing sundry plaster chunks)
(lets cats out)
(back to basement for wider chisel)

...And that was just the first thirty minutes. With all the running around I did today, I could have recorded a three-DVD set of exercise videos.

But yes, the preliminary work has been done for a new light fixture in the main stairwell. Which means that the hallway ceiling will be back in place sooner rather than later.

Now, if you'll excuse Me, it's time for some carb-loading.

(runs out for ice cream)

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