Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calculated risks

Midway through one heck of a busy week, it's time to report on "What I did after My summer vacation ended".

But first... (clambers down from roof of Cat Gazebo 2.0) ...Oh, did I mention that I built a roof?

(muddles around a bit in the twilight, picking up tools and putting them back in the garage) And last Sunday I got simply plastered...

As you can see, the reconstruction of the wall in the main stairwell is progressing nicely. One more thin coat and it'll be time to sand, prime, and paint; and then the new light fixture goes in.

In the next seven days, this is what I hope to accomplish:
  • Finish framing and sheathing a small, oddly shaped area on the gazebo roof
  • Get the flashing and shingles installed
  • Build a cat door and some stairs
  • Add two lattice panels to close off the remaining wall
  • Get that stairwell plastered
  • Put up the furring strips for the new hallway ceiling and position the octagon boxes for three more light fixtures
  • Open up the downstairs hallway wall to install a new quad switchbox and associated wiring
  • Do about a hundred pre-calc review problems... Trigonometry, inequalities, set builder notation, absolute values, functions, quadratic equa...
...Oh, did I mention that Calculus has started? I'm taking mass quantities of notes, reading through one horking big textbook, solving problems...

...And enjoying it very, very much.

Speaking of 'mass quantities of notes', My first clarinet lesson of the season is this Saturday.

And I won't need a ladder to get the high notes.

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