Wednesday, September 17, 2008

As I said earlier... Serious power tools.

Yesterday, Red and I achieved something rather remarkable: We got an 8-foot couch into a Cavalier. And yes, power tools were required.

But first, I got a serrated bread knife from the kitchen and did a cushiondectomy on the hapless victim. Mwahahaha!

This made it possible to actually get the dadblasted couch out into the hallway. After much huffing and puffing and swearing and outright manipulation of space-time (and ad hoc counselling for cats who were traumatized by the sight of a digital piano parked in the kitchen), Red and I got the couch out of the house and down the front steps. And then the fun began in earnest.

We semi-systematically demolished the couch into car-size chunks, cutting and hammering and cutting some more. When I hit hardwood, I escalated to a folding dozuki. But finally I did resort to a circular saw to cut the two remaining sections in half, because it was getting late and we were both running out of steam.

Finally, Red and I hit the road with the mortal remains of the couch safely bundled into the cargo area of our tiny little car. Our destination: The Brady Road landfill in south Winnipeg.

And here's one we've already unmade!

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