Monday, September 22, 2008

A seasonal announcement *ex officio*

Greetings of the vernal equinox to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere! Extending My best wishes for a fruitful and happy time.

(accepts canapé and mug of cold draft from southern-hemisphere spring deity) Mmk uu... *swallows* I mean, thank you.

You're in good hands, folks. Have fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

As I said earlier... Serious power tools.

Yesterday, Red and I achieved something rather remarkable: We got an 8-foot couch into a Cavalier. And yes, power tools were required.

But first, I got a serrated bread knife from the kitchen and did a cushiondectomy on the hapless victim. Mwahahaha!

This made it possible to actually get the dadblasted couch out into the hallway. After much huffing and puffing and swearing and outright manipulation of space-time (and ad hoc counselling for cats who were traumatized by the sight of a digital piano parked in the kitchen), Red and I got the couch out of the house and down the front steps. And then the fun began in earnest.

We semi-systematically demolished the couch into car-size chunks, cutting and hammering and cutting some more. When I hit hardwood, I escalated to a folding dozuki. But finally I did resort to a circular saw to cut the two remaining sections in half, because it was getting late and we were both running out of steam.

Finally, Red and I hit the road with the mortal remains of the couch safely bundled into the cargo area of our tiny little car. Our destination: The Brady Road landfill in south Winnipeg.

And here's one we've already unmade!

Monday, September 15, 2008

An emergency peanut run?

That's right. My household is now in thrall to the local squirrels and blue jays.

We actually had to make a special trip to the grocery store this afternoon because we needed another 1 kilogram bag of unsalted peanuts.

But it's worth it when one of those long-tailed maniacs comes bounding merrily along the top of the fence and takes a snack right out of My hand.

(Photo taken by Red on August 14, 2008)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calculated risks

Midway through one heck of a busy week, it's time to report on "What I did after My summer vacation ended".

But first... (clambers down from roof of Cat Gazebo 2.0) ...Oh, did I mention that I built a roof?

(muddles around a bit in the twilight, picking up tools and putting them back in the garage) And last Sunday I got simply plastered...

As you can see, the reconstruction of the wall in the main stairwell is progressing nicely. One more thin coat and it'll be time to sand, prime, and paint; and then the new light fixture goes in.

In the next seven days, this is what I hope to accomplish:
  • Finish framing and sheathing a small, oddly shaped area on the gazebo roof
  • Get the flashing and shingles installed
  • Build a cat door and some stairs
  • Add two lattice panels to close off the remaining wall
  • Get that stairwell plastered
  • Put up the furring strips for the new hallway ceiling and position the octagon boxes for three more light fixtures
  • Open up the downstairs hallway wall to install a new quad switchbox and associated wiring
  • Do about a hundred pre-calc review problems... Trigonometry, inequalities, set builder notation, absolute values, functions, quadratic equa...
...Oh, did I mention that Calculus has started? I'm taking mass quantities of notes, reading through one horking big textbook, solving problems...

...And enjoying it very, very much.

Speaking of 'mass quantities of notes', My first clarinet lesson of the season is this Saturday.

And I won't need a ladder to get the high notes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I seem to have invented a new form of cardiovascular exercise.

(runs out to garage for ladder)
(runs upstairs to remove two dragon pictures from stairwell wall)
(runs to basement for hammer, dust mask and folding dozuki)
(sets up ladder in stairway leading to 2nd floor)
(rushes back to basement for a chisel)
(lets cats in)
(climbs ladder to take measurements)
(gets electronic stud finder from toolbox in study)
(back to basement to get trouble light)
(lets cats out)
(over to storage room to pick up octagon electrical box)
(up to 3rd floor to get Red's opinion on placement of light fixture)
(down to kitchen for pencil and measuring tape)
(lets cats in)
(moves purses, coats and shoe racks from hallway to dining room)
(up the ladder again, measure and mark)
(down ladder to get hammer and chisel)
(whacks at plaster wall for 60 seconds)
(runs to study for wastebasket)
(up and down ladder, removing sundry plaster chunks)
(lets cats out)
(back to basement for wider chisel)

...And that was just the first thirty minutes. With all the running around I did today, I could have recorded a three-DVD set of exercise videos.

But yes, the preliminary work has been done for a new light fixture in the main stairwell. Which means that the hallway ceiling will be back in place sooner rather than later.

Now, if you'll excuse Me, it's time for some carb-loading.

(runs out for ice cream)