Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Xtreme Housecleaning...

...usually involves a versatile vehicle, copious amounts of spare time, and occasionally some serious power tools. (Or, when all else fails, a pickaxe.)

Red and I have been Tidying Up around the place. In true Astrejurhof fashion, large amounts of Stuff are being conveyed to locations as far from Astrejurhof as possible, by any means possible.

But usually in My little four-cylinder car, who is celebrating her 230,000th kilometer today.

Yesterday, we took several hundred pounds of plaster, lath and concrete to the city landfill.

Today, we took an old computer, monitor and inkjet printer to an electronics recycling depot, along with a venerable Applewriter laser printer.

Tomorrow, I'm either going to start running new wiring for the downstairs hallway or go out back and build the final wall for the Cat Gazebo. And one way or another, a certain Cavalier of My acquaintance will be going *somewhere* with Me and Red on board.

Because, after a few hours of pulling cable and smacking 2x4's with the business end of a framing hammer, a coffee would be so very nice.

(rushes off to dismantle old couch with an aggressive tooth handsaw and a pair of vise grip pliers)

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