Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wreaking havoc in a civilized manner...

...Because uncivilized havoc simply will not do.

Here you see My hallway floor as it appeared at three o'clock this afternoon. I got up this morning with single-minded determination, intent upon doing serious damage to the plaster on the hallway ceiling. After a leisurely noonish breakfast, I emptied the hallway of anything and everything that might be damaged by ancient black plaster dust. Shoe racks, coats, purses, binoculars, hats, mittens, and eight rather puzzled cats. Then I rounded up the tools: Hammer, goggles, dust mask, stepladder, and a tarpaulin and some duct tape to close off the entrance to the kitchen.

And then I set to work, stopping only to grab a breath of fresh air or change the filter in the dust mask (which I did four times before I was finished -- That dust is nasty stuff).

Mass quantities of plaster and lath came crashing down with great force. For the most part the cats stayed well away from the area, going in and out through the rear kitchen door, but occasionally someone wanted to go upstairs and had to be airlifted over the rubble and onto the second-floor stairway.

But by 4:30 this afternoon all of the ceiling was down; the plaster shards, bagged and out of the house; the lath, neatly stacked in the back yard. And yes, I did reveal the Secrets of the old wiring...

...Which is Legion. *eep*

And sometime around six o'clock I finished sweeping and washing the floor, and Astrejurhof got back to normal.

Whereupon I sought out the comfort of a nice hot bubble bath; fell down on the bed for an hour; and went out for coffee with Red.

And now maybe I can get that $%!*#!! study floor finished.

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