Thursday, August 7, 2008

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

An astrophysicist!

No, seriously. I've been fascinated with the cosmos since I was a wee little goddess gazing up at the stars from My back yard in Otterburn Heights, Québec. I will literally run to see a total solar eclipse, the finest of My generation being the one on 02/26/1979.

I also watched the partial of March 7, 1970 from My front yard via a pinhole box that My dad had thoughtfully constructed. (And then My friends and I went for a shopping trip at Galeries d'Anjou on the east side of Montreal, whereupon I bought a very fine zodiac poster in a style that I now recognize as homage à Gustav Klimt.)

(side note: It's surprisingly hard to type straight under the influence of two picnic mugs full of Freixenet Cordon Negro...)


I can tell you that the bright star in Leo's paw is named Regulus, and that the pretty red one in Orion's right shoulder is named Betelgeuse. (pauses to wave 'hi' at Ford Prefect). I will stop My car and pull over onto the shoulder for a few moments of "Ooh! Ahh!" when a lunar eclipse manifests or an unusually bright celestial object wanders into view.

Ahead of me is a lot of hard work, bringing My math and physics up to the standard required for some serious work in computational physics.

Perhaps I'll figure out what really happened before the Big Bang.

Perhaps I'll build the world's first time machine by taking a shortcut or two across those lovely curves in space-time.

Or maybe I'll just wander over to the M42 nebula to say "Hi" to My old neighbours.

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