Monday, August 18, 2008

Ceilings and floors and roofs... Oh, my!

First the good news: All the roof rafters for Cat Gazebo, Mk. II are now in place. This means that it's now time to build and install the final wall of the structure, and start sheathing the roof with plywood.

Now the bad news. I have *another* project underway... Demolition of the hallway ceiling.

(sneezes out some plaster dust)

You see, the main hallway at Astrejurhof has been in an almost-finished state for several years. I opened up one wall to run some wiring, then closed it up but didn't finish painting it.

Because I've known for at least a year that I would have to go into that wall at least one more time. And it looks like that time is now (give or take a week or so).

While working on the floor in the study, I discovered some disconnected tube-and-post wiring that leads in the general direction of a mysterious and apparently inert light switch in the downstairs hallway. My theory: A long, long time ago there was a light fixture in the middle of the living room ceiling, and the switch in the hallway controlled it.

Well, suffice it to say that certain Springy Goddesses of My acquaintance are not fond of such mysteries. The switchbox is getting opened up, the dead-end tube-and-post stuff is leaving, and new switches and fresh NMD90 are going in.

Along with, oh, some new compact fluorescent recessed fixtures for the hallway ceiling.

And a light fixture for the main stairwell.

And the fixture currently hanging from the study ceiling is migrating downstairs because it'll look much better in the living room.

Oh, what the heck: Might as well add a switch and a new outlet on the inside of the front porch, so I can control mass quantities of (energy-efficient LED) Yule lights.

As soon as I have all the switches in place and the wall re-plastered, Red gets to paint the wall and I get to put the ceiling back up.

But first I have to *achoo* take it down...

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